President elect, Tinubu will deal with cabals, Nnewi based prophet declares

President elect, Tinubu will deal with cabals, Nnewi based prophet declares

…says the president elect would not allow himself to be used or manipulated like the outgoing president

The spiritual Head, Soul Revival Outreach, Nnewi, Anambra State, Bro Iyke Uzukwu says the President elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will deal a devastating blow to the cabals that has held the nation captive.

Bro Uzukwu stated this during an interactive session with journalists in Nnewi on Monday.

He noted that the president elect would not allow himself to be used or manipulated like the outgoing president, Muhammadu Buhari who didn’t live up to his billing before he was elected president as a disciplined person who cannot stomach corruption.

“Prayers should be made for the president elect to end his tenure alive. He would be a successful president but unfortunate there is this cloud of blood hanging on his government, the implication of this is that a whole lot of politicians would be sacrificed for the success of his government.” He explained.

He also admonished the president elect not to remove Fuel Subsidy until the nation’s refineries are fixed and functional noting that premature removal of the subsidy will cause inflation and tension in the country.

The Spiritual Head of Soul Revival Outreach expressed disappointment that the outgoing president, Muhammadu Buhari intends to spend his retirement in Niger Republic.

“President Buhari has never hidden his intention to run away from Nigeria after his tenure, he has been extending NNPC pipelines to Niger Republic and also tarred the roads that link Nigeria to Niger when many roads that would have alleviate the sufferings of many Nigerians are left untouched. He failed to fix the refineries in eight years contrary to his earlier promise to the nation. N2.4b is said to be missing in the nation’s cover at the moment. This is fast becoming President Buhari’s signature tune.

“This has always being the exit plan of Buhari and a major reason he didn’t do well as a president, the annoying thing is that while President Buhari is performing below expectations, the National Assembly became so clueless, useless and reduced themselves to ordinary rubber stamps and ‘yes men’ to him and in the process supervised the most corrupt administration in the political history of Nigeria.

“The ignoble roles played by the National Assembly in the failure of the outgoing government is an indication and confirmation that there is no justification for the huge resources being expended on members of the National Assembly. Members of Senate and members of House of Representatives should be paid sitting allowances and not this jumbo salaries they are taking every month.

“The monies saved from the cut in salaries and entitlements of National Assembly members should be used to sponsor free education for the less privileged in the country, many of whom are doing unimaginable things to survive. Afterall, many of the members of National Assembly are products of free education system.” He asserted.

Bro Uzukwu also appealed to the Western Nations to deport all Nigerians and the families of all the persons who have looted the nation and as well help return the stolen funds home. “We keep hearing of Abacha loot all the time, but it is an open secret that it is not only Abacha’s administration that looted the treasury of the nation. Why is the international community silent on the loots perpetrated by other administrations.”

In a shocking message to the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his Labour Party(LP) counterpart, Mr Peter Obi, the prophet admonished the duo to remove their minds from their cases at Election Petition Tribunal noting that the court case would go the way of the February elections.

“On the global level, there is no threat of World War, China will not fight United States of America(USA) though misfortune may befall the Russian President through the CIA. Outside that, I see the London Bridge coming down.” He concluded.

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