Pope Francis Tests Negative for Coronavirus a Second Time

Pope Francis Tests Negative for Coronavirus a Second Time

Pope Francis has tested negative for coronavirus for a second time after a Vatican worker who lives in the same residence was reportedly hospitalised due to the disease.

The new cases include an employee of the merchandise office and two employees of the Vatican Museums.

On Wednesday, the 83-year-old was tested again and for the second time, the result came out negative as reported by The Daily Mail.

Fears were first raised for the pope’s health on Ash Wednesday when he fell ill with a cough, fever, chills and sore throat.

He was tested negative for coronavirus, it was revealed on March 3, and is thought instead to have been suffering from a cold.

There are concerns for the Argentine-born pope if he contracts the virus due to his age and previous health conditions. He lost part of his lung as a young man and suffered from sciatica, a nerve condition that causes pain in his hip according to reports by AFP.

The pope is also keeping safe as it has been reported that the pope is constantly surrounded by a staff equipped with disinfectant products.

The pope has been holding his general audiences and Sunday blessings over the internet and television from the official papal library instead of before crowds numbering tens of thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square.

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