Policewoman Arrested for Grabbing Dead Mechanic’s Genitals 1

Policewoman Arrested for Grabbing Dead Mechanic’s Genitals

A female police officer, who was said to have clutched the private parts of a mechanic, Ikwunado Chima, while he was being tortured in detention has been arrested and detained by the Rivers State Police Command.

The late mechanic met his untimely death in police custody on December 23, 2019, four days after he was arrested.

It was learnt that the policewoman, who was only identified as Rose, was arrested on Wednesday to join six other cops in detention in connection with Chima’s death.

Chima and four of his friends were going home in a car when they were arrested by officials of the Eagle Crack Squad, who labelled them robbers and cultists.

But while the car owner told the policemen that Chima and his friends were innocent, the cops continued to torture them until the mechanic died in the cell.

Chima’s friends had, after their release from prison, insisted that Rose came into the torture chamber and grabbed the private parts of the deceased.

A source said, “They arrested Rose today (Wednesday). The woman came into the matter for grasping Chima’s private parts and threatening to destroy them.

“She only came in while Chima was being tortured and she began to press the man’s private parts. That kind of woman, I pity the husband.”

The source noted that the Commander of the Eagle Crack Squad, Adetuyi Benson, had earlier taken four cops to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, where they were detained before the arrest of the policewoman.

However, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, said he had not been briefed about the arrest of the female cop.

Omoni stated that he was aware that those involved in investigating the mechanic and four of his friends had all been arrested.