PDP berates APGA government over sale of State assets 1

PDP berates APGA government over sale of State assets

The Anambra State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has berated the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) controlled government in the state for selling the state assets.

The Publicity Secretary of PDP in Anambra State, Mr Nnamdi Nwangwu in a press release said that it is really unfortunate that most of the landmark properties of the state are being sold to APGA officials.

PDP berates APGA government over sale of State assets 2
Nnamdi Nwangwu

Nwangwu made special reference to the Anambra State Commissioner quarters which the APGA controlled government has sold out.

“It is now apparent that the APGA controlled government has demonstrated that they don’t have stakes in Anambra State by selling off the common wealth of the state. It is only prodigal son that wastes the inheritance left behind by the progenitors.

“We have it on good note that many properties of Anambra State in the federal capital territory, Abuja and Enugu are being sold by the incumbent APGA government.” Nwangwu noted with shock.

He said that it is most unfortunate that Anambra people known for their industry, enterprise and creativity are presently governed by a clueless and visionless bunch of individuals who mean no well for the state.

Nwangwu said that it is not surprising that things are now permanently on the reverse gear in Anambra State under the watch of APGA government.

“Stripping Government assets should send a warning signal to Ndi Anambra that the APGA Government is in dire straits and facing perilious financial difficulties. A self- inflicted problem from 6 years of wasteful spending and executive gangsterism. Today, apart from having totally squandered the billions of Naira left by Mr Peter Obi, Governor Obiano has now resorted to selling of Anambra State Assets and investments

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“The state has been suffering unprecedented infrastructural decay since APGA government came on board, the roads are not there, the touted foreign earnings from the sales of vegetables abroad has become an illusion, groups have been demonstrating against the exploitative tendencies of the incumbent APGA government which has been imposing neckbreaking levies and taxes on the people. Now they want to rap it up by disposing our common patrimony.” He stressed.

Nwangwu said emphatically that the Anambra people will have a unique opportunity to end the bad riddance by voting out the APGA government come November.

He reassured the good people of Anambra State that the Peoples Democratic Party will occasion a responsible and responsive government if given the opportunity in the next guber polls.

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