Friday, January 21

Pak-Aid, Khadeejatul Kubra welfare send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

By: Ashrafuddin Pirzada

PAKISTAN: Pak-Aid Trust and Khadeejatul Kubra Welfare Trust Karachi have sent seven trucks of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan on Tueaday.

Seven truck loaded with life saving drugs, warm cloths and food items were handed over to Afghan authorities at Torkham border. 

Pak-Afghan cooperation forum officials along with Khadeejatul Kubra Welfare trust Karachi head Mufti Tariq Masood and Pak-Aid Trust chairman Ahmad Marwat handed over the aid to Afghan RedCross official Mulvi Naseem Ahmadi at Torkham border.

Speaking to reporters Mufti Tariq Masood and Ahmad Marwat pleged to continue their efforts to help Afghan citizens in such critical time. They said they were sending seven trucks of different goods whuch would be distributed in Kabul,Mazar and Logar cities of Afghanistan. 

“We know that Afghan citizens were passing trough a difficult phase of scarcity of foods and medicines. We are with the Afghan brothers and sisters and will continue our help”, saif Mufti Masood. 

Afghan RedCross official Mulvi Naseem Ahmadi thanked Pakistan and its citizens for their generosity.He said people in Afghanistan were dying of hunger and lack of medicines. 

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“I saw a woman crying for foods yesterday who was setting at the front gate of Red Cross office in Jalalabad”,said Mulvi Naseem. He added that every Muslim country at least should come forward to help cope with the Afghan crices after the fall of Ashraf Ghani government.

 He appealed to the Pakistani government and its nationals to make their efforts double and provide them foods,medicines along with financial assistance. He also thanked the Welfare trusts in Pakistan and Pak-Afghan cooperation forum for their continues help in the past months. 

It may be mentioned here that a number of trucks of humanitarian aid by different social and civil organizations had been sent to Afghanistan in the past few months 

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