Tuesday, December 7

Over 200 Kanduyi youths receive Driving School sponsorship

Kanduyi Constituency M.p Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi met over 200 Youths selected from bodaboda, Lorry transporters and touts who had no driving licence to be sponsored to undertake driving lessons.

Speaking to the press Wamunyinyi pointed out that this training is of importance to Kanduyi Youths and they should take it seriously. 

“I encouraged them to  seriously  embrace the opportunity in a bid to enhance their safety and that of other road users. “Wamunyinyi highlighted.

The Legislator further highlighted  that the step was taken having realized that the transport sector is a key component in economic development. 

From the total of  Kshs. Each beneficiary will receive Kshs. 15,000 for  driving training which will help them learn traffic rules, protect passengers and understand their rights on roads. 

 Wamunyinyi explained that the transport sector helps boost the economy as many individuals depend on transportation to do their daily businesses.

The beneficiary thanked the M.p for granting them the opportunity saying that they will now work without fear since they have valid licences. 

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“I am urging my fellow bodaboda riders who have no driving licences to go for one as it is of importance in their work,we would also request to be considered when jobs arise since we are now licenced to be drivers.”Emmanuel Situma,bodaboda rider said. 

The Mp  finally adviced the bodaboda riders not to be used by politicians to cause violence they should always preach peace and let the politicians sell their agenda.

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