Of what use is your condemnation, APC chieftain tells Buhari’s critics


                       Of what use is your condemnation, APC chieftain tells Buhari’s critics 1
Dr Jamilu Gwamna, a chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Gombe State, has urged critics of President Muhammadu Buhari on security to provide solutions on how to improve the situation.

Making the appeal on Wednesday in Gombe, Gwamna said the previous administrations should also take responsibility for the security challenges in the country.

According to him, Buhari inherited the seed of insecurity facing the country that were planted by the past administrations through corruption and wastefulness of resources.

He noted that the country would make tremendous progress in the fight against insecurity if those condemning and criticising Buhari would recommend solutions that can assist in combating the menace.

“If you can’t make recommendations as to how we can solve the pockets of insecurity in some parts of the country, then of what use is your criticisms. As a patriot, the aim of criticism is for improvement.

“Why criticised or condemn Mr President for the insecurity issues that were created through poverty and other bad governance of the 16 years of the same crop of leaders who now dish out condemnation like Saints.

“President Buhari inherited almost a failed state especially when Abuja was almost becoming a regular ground for bombing; today that has been addressed yet no single commendation in that regard.

“If those criticising and condemning President Buhari are to prove their patriotism, let them also commend Mr President whenever there is improvement and not use isolated cases to dish out condemnations,’’ he said.

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Gwamna stressed that it was the ingenious management of the situation by Buhari since 2015 that had not escalated insecurity in the country.

He said that the state of the country before 2015 was “embarrassingly shameful’’.

While appealing to all Nigerians to defend the country’s unity and jettison attempts to politicise security issues in the country, the chieftain warned that “such politicisation is a threat to our collective existence’’.

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