NNPP crises deepens as Shekarau accuses Kwankwaso, Group of betrayal

NNPP crises deepens as Shekarau accuses Kwankwaso, Group of betrayal

The crisis in the New Nigeria Peoples Party deepened on Monday with a former governor of Kano State, Ibrahim Shekarau, accusing the party’s presidential candidate, Rabiu Kwankwaso, and his group of betraying the trust reposed in them since he joined the party few months ago.

Shekarau spoke on Monday at a meeting with Shura Advisory Council drawn from 44 Local Government Areas of the state at the Kano Foundation Hall.

He said, “All the agreements we had with him were betrayed by Kwankwaso and his boys and they did not accommodate one single person from my camp.

“We reached an agreement to accommodate my supporters into various elective positions in the party, but until now, the committee set up could not accommodate one single person apart from the senatorial slot given to me.

“I will never be a party to injustice. My integrity is utmost and not any political position that will make me compromise it and that of my people. Nobody will use position or money against my integrity.

“I am a man of honour and integrity but his governorship candidate (Abba Yusuf) who was given the responsibility to look at areas to accommodate my people into various elective positions never for one single day do so or even call for meeting let alone accepting my supporters to contest.

“Nobody will use money to change my conscience. I was a governor for eight years in Kano and people believed in my integrity.

“I am still living in a rented house in Abuja and never allocated a single plot of land to myself when I served as Governor in Kano and I challenge anyone who knows my plot of land to expose it.”

Shekarau, who declined to inform his followers on whether he was leaving the NNPP, assured them that the next line of action would be communicated to them within a few weeks.

He appealed to his supporters to exercise patience and await his final decision on whether to remain in the NNPP or quit the party.

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