Nnamdi Kanu vows to fight British govt, says they’re the real enemy of Biafra


The leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, says the real enemy standing against the actualization of Biafra Republic is the British Government, and that he and his Eastern Security Network (ESN), will fight them to a standstill.

Kanu who made the allegation in his New Year address to IPOB members on Saturday, December 2, on Radio Biafra, said those stopping the agitation for the secession of Biafra was the British government and not the Fulani as many think.

He said, “we will fight them in the bush and we will kill them. I want you to watch and see what we are going to do to them.”

Kanu described the British government as hell-bent on supporting the unity of Nigeria at the detriment of the “South-East region that is part of the components that hold the centre.”

In the address, he said:

“You people think we are fighting Fulani? Who is Fulani? Those stopping Biafra is Britain because they know what Biafra is all about. Because Dave Umahi wants to be the vice president, then I must allow Fulani from Mali to come and kill our people?

“Happy new year to all of you, according to the Gregorian calendar. It is even unfortunate that I am unable to come to you live on Facebook. We have done everything humanly possible, all to no avail.

“Those that are for Facebook in Lagos and everywhere have compromised themselves. This evening broadcast is to take stock of what we have been able to accomplish so far.

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“As the Janjaweeed are coming down from the North to engage us, which I know they will, their land will be vandalized by the bandits.

“As I told you, there is a way to our madness. The Janjaweed army will come to the South to engage us, but this time around, we are waiting for them in our bushes, we are not going to fight them in our townships.

“We will fight them in the bush and we will kill them, I want you to watch and see what we are going to do to the zoo and Britain that is supporting them.”

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