Nigerians React To Amotekun’s Warning Against Indecent Dressing


The Osun State Commandant of the South-West security network, Amotekun Corps, Amitolu Shittu, has critically warned against indecent dressing and abuse of the Yoruba language,

He warned youths in the state that they will not tolerate indecent dressing and abuse of the Yoruba language, as full operations begin in March 2021.

Shittu, made this known on Thursday, December 3, while chatting with newsmen during a youth empowerment programme organized by a member of the House of Representatives in the state, Hon. Lawrence Babatunde Ayeni, said the Amotekun Corps will take the issue very seriously and arrest anyone who defies its orders.

The Amotekun Commandant added that though the constitution of Nigeria provides individuals the freedom of association, it did not “provide that youths should appear naked or indulge in speaking the Yoruba language incorrectly.”

Amotekun warnings was posted on Twitter on Friday, December 4, by the former presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, a lot of comments ,reacting against the warning comparing them to the Hisbah Police in the northern parts of the country and the recently disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS..

Here are some of the comments on Twitter here:

Daniel Ogba: @dannewise: “A predictable Nigeria. I told a friend that Northern Nigeria is the specimen signature of this country. Whatever happens in the North just be ready to see it happen in other part of the country, it might take a while, just follow the trend, you’ll definitely see a replica. #EndSARS.”

Dann_essy: @Dann_10: “What has dressing and bastardizing of Yoruba language got to do with the primary assignment or job description of Amotekun? Some people are just tyrants in waiting…. give them a little bit of power and see them displaying like possessed abusive clowns.”

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Senator Shehu Sani: @ShehuSani: “Now Hisbatekun.”

Sam Adeniyi: @sakinmuwagun: “Amotekun is losing sight of their primary assignment. This is the beginning of the failure of Amotekun. I think the Amotekun Corps was set up to fight insecurity. Well, maybe they gradually turn to Hisbatekun.”

Therealduke: @Geedeeony: “I have said this many times. The average Nigerian does not know how to handle power. It’s a mental problem we need to overcome.”

Chief Madam: @Riiquequeen: “What exactly is the briefs and scope of duties for the Amotekun? Can the check drivers license? Do house searches? Can they cut hair? Censor tattoos? Strip naked? Deliver lashes of the whip? What exactly are they to do?”? Osun is a circular state & these threats should be channeled to criminals.”

OGUNLEYE EBENEZER: @shola_ebenezer: “With this statement, he will surely abuse the good intention for the establishment of Amotekun. He should be sacked before #ENDAMOTEKUN arises. We can’t afford to go back to Egypt.”

Elizabeth O: @Elizabe07409539: “I think we are having an older generation problem, not just government. They have refused to change and are trying to use their insufficient head knowledge to just wing leadership. Or what will we call this one?”

David Eboh: @DavidEboh5: “Who in God’s name is empowering police, Hisbah, Amotekun, pastors and Imams to decide for adults how they should dress or live their lives within the confides of the law? Which of these groups care about those without clothes or dressed in rags exposing their body?”

Prince_Seckie: @seckydavid: “Dead on arrival! What nonsense… I thought Amotekun was a vigilante group meant to tackle banditry and kidnapping in the south west. Now they wanna turn to moral policing… e ti n se werey!”

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@kobierei: “Na so e dey start oo! What’s the relationship between what we wear and security of our borders which is the primary responsibility of this security outfit? But we have intelligent Nigerians within and outside this country; why do we always settle for the mediocre?”

@fahdfortitude: “Security agents in Nigeria seem to think their job role include law making and these ones haven’t started operations, yet they are already threatening to violate human rights.”

Emmanuel Ukeh: @emmaukeh: “Imagine a country asking for state police and community police? So this is what we will be experiencing, people taking laws into their hands and making life miserable for the citizens?”

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