Wednesday, January 26

Nigerians blast PMB’s aide over first tweet

Some Nigerians on Twitter heavily criticised the first tweet by presidential aide Garba Shehu a few hours after Twitter operations were formally restored in Nigeria.

Shehu had tweeted midnight that Nigeria gained “immeasurably” from the shutdown of Twitter when the Nigerians tackled him.
He posted, “Welcome back – Let me join fellow countrymen and women in welcoming the resolution of the impasse between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Twitter Inc., leading to the laying of a foundation for a mutually beneficial future with endless possibilities.

“I join the leaders of government in appreciating all Nigerians especially the vibrant Nigerian youths who have borne with the long wait to resolve this impasse and as the government statement clearly says, the gains made from this shared national sacrifice are immeasurable.

“We hope that this is appreciated by all. The nation comes first. Once again, welcome back!”

The Nigerians who reacted asked Garba Shehu to state the gains of Twitter suspension.

Onu’kwube @RayNkah, said, “‘Welcome back’? No. We didn’t go anywhere. We’ve always been here. Speak for yourself.”

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Sir Ted @Deus_Ugwoke: Which impasse are you talking about, the unfortunate ban was unnecessary in the first place, we know it’s a race against time for the APC government knowing the election campaign will be around the as Twitter plays a major role for the campaign.

Proudly Nigerian @max20ebi: By taking away the rights of Nigerians to freely express themselves and critique the activities of the government of the day. You can not silence the people who are determined to make a change. May God visit you and treat you the way you and your principal are treating Nigerians.

Oke Ayodele @infoDmedia: Your government days in office are numbered.

Cornelius Osaje @CorneliusOsaje: Now, it is the nation that comes first, sad how you people talk with no remorse.

Kaforhenry @kaforhenri: Tell all your bosses at the top that we aren’t voting APC. We enjoyed Twitter while the ban was on.
Olaoye @OlaoyeOA: You people lifted the suspension because of election campaign
Djradica @Djradica: In the first place, you don’t have a justification to ban Twitter. Shame on those who were behind the ban.

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illionaire prince @GogoAbite: We’re kicking you guys out of power.
Obi of Lagos @Obiginger: I don get like 5 years of VPN subscription… Clueless government.

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