Sunday, January 23

NCF raises alarm over impending food insecurity

By: Isaac Ojo

The Northern Christian Forum (NCF) has raised the alarm over impending food scarcity in Nigeria occasioned by the activities of insurgents and bandits in the North.

The Anambra State president of the forum Pastor Andrew Aversion raised the alarm in a press release made available to journalists in Awka.

Pastor Aversion pointed out that the insurgents have assumed an invincibility status because there is no sincerity in the war against insurgency and banditary.

“Insurgents and bandits have taken over certain local government areas in the North, it is so bad to the extent that Nigerians now pay taxes and levies to the insurgents so as to stay alive.

“The federal government is aware of this dangerous development but the individuals in the corridors of power have continued to play the oastrich over the issue.

“The North has always been the food basket of the nation but people can no longer go to farm in the North, the same thing is happening in the Southern part of the country where Fulani herdsmen have made farming practically impossible.” Pastor Aversion noted.

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The NCF strongman urged the Northern Elders to stop playing politics over the issue of insurgency in North and give maximum support to the war against criminal elements parading themselves as insurgents.

Pastor Aversion said as a matter of fact that pro-active measures must be taken now over the matter immediately to prevent the region from being deserted.

On his expectations for 2023 general elections, The NCF president said that it has become incumbent on all Nigerians not to make the mistake of voting for a person like President Muhamadu Buhari who according to him is a bundle of disappointed.

“Nigerians must be weary of well prepared manifestos in 2023 elections, it is very important that the persons behind the manifestos are properly scrutinized to see if they actually have the capability and capacity to run the manifestos.” He stressed.

Pastor Aversion said that time has come for Christians to stop the mockery to the body of Christ by reawakening and drawing closer to God.

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