NCDC Announces More Deaths,113 New Cases 1

NCDC Announces More Deaths,113 New Cases

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has announced four more people have died from COVID-19 virus in Nigeria, moving up the total number of deaths toll to 1,123.

Review of NCDC data has showed that only two deaths was recorded last week. However, 113 new confirmed cases were recorded in the country as of Saturday night.

This brings the total infections in the country to 61,307, according to an update by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Of the over 61,000 infected persons, about 56,557 have recovered indicating that only about 3,600 cases are still active in the country.

The 113 new cases are reported from 14 states: Lagos (37), Kaduna (16), Ogun (11), Plateau (11), Taraba (8), Rivers (7), FCT (6), Enugu (4), Niger (4), Edo (3), Delta (2), Imo (2), Benue (1), Kano (1).

Lagos state remains highest recorded cases with over 20,000 infections and 207 deaths, with 37 new cases. Kaduna and Ogun followed with 16 and 11 respectively.

Over 570,000 of Nigeria’s 200 million people have been tested so far.

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