My wife want to kill me, take over my property -Duncan Mighty 1

My wife want to kill me, take over my property -Duncan Mighty

‘Port Harcourt First Son’, Duncan Mighty has accused his wife, Vivian and her family members of planning to take his life by poisoning him and thereafter, take possession of his property.

Duncan Mighty who raised the alarm on Friday in a post on his Instagram page said that his wife confessed to him that she connived with her mother and siblings to purchase voodoo charms to harm him.

In the lengthy post on his Instagram page, Duncan Mighty went on to reveal that his wife and members of her family took it farther by consulting native doctors adding that he had evidence of her confession.

Duncan Mighty’s post reads thus, “It was a day like no other, we had mad fun then we slept. By 1:40 am, while I was asleep, I was hearing Vivian’s voice, panting like someone who is at gunpoint. I stood up and held her asking her what exactly is going on; she was still shaking with too much fear. I asked her if it was a nightmare, she said no. I asked her again, is there something about you which I don’t know? She said hmmm! What about me? Is there not also something about you which I don’t know?

“I replied, let me go straight to the point… but she quickly said, let me talk before you. I agreed. She started first by saying, on several occasions in her family house, they always talk about my too many properties and investments at this young age, most especially being an only child; imagine if anything happens to me, that they choose by themselves the property to inherit, most especially her elder sister Maria Nwakanma (sic).

In the post on Instagram, Duncan Mighty revealed further that his wife confessed to being given liquid substances which she was supposed to put in his food and bathing water.

While revealing more details about the alleged plot to take his life, Duncan Mighty said his wife confessed at some point that she wanted to cut his toe and fingernails as requested by a native doctor as one of the requirements needed to take his life slowly.

However, Duncan Mighty said that immediately his wife finished confessing, she regained her senses and when she realized he was recording the whole incident, she left in anger.

“It was already morning; she left the room, ran straight to her car and drove off speedily,” Duncan Mighty added in the post.

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