My Kingdom Has Abolished The Tradition Of Women Been Subjected To Drinking Water Used In Bathing Their Deceased Husbands’ Corpses-Ekpoma Monarch.


Culture is the peoples’ way of life. It’s the identity on which a group pride in. It distinguishes population on Customs & Tradition, unique Apparels, Ethnicity, variation in Language and or mother tongue as the case may be.

In Edo State, the beauty of their culture is evident from the adorned regalia. The Enogie of Ekpoma, Zaiki Abumere II has made certain revealations about his kingdom.

Abumere said that his kingdom has abolished the tradition of women been subjected to drinking water used in bathing their deceased husbands’ corpses.

The Monarch had granted an interview with the Punch where he highlighted certain traditions that have been changed in Ekpoma.

“We have abolished the tradition that compels a woman to drink from the water used to wash the corpse of her husband and swears that she had nothing to do with his death”.

Abumere said the traditions that compels a son to inherit his late father’s wife is still on but will soon be put to rest.

“If you are talking about traditions, there are some traditions that have been changed. We are still trying to work on some, especially the one that gives a son the right to inherit his father’s wife. It was in vogue in those days, but we are trying to discourage it now.

He went further to narrate an ordeal..

“We just settled a matter here: a man died and they said the first son was not his. They doubted if he was his son or not. I said the best way to settle the matter was by conducting a DNA test but some people were still saying the woman must be compelled to swear that the child belonged to the deceased, but I told them it was the DNA test that would solve the problem.”

The Ekpoma monarch went further to enlist some of the taboos the kingdom do not handle with kids’ gloves.

“In Ekpoma, it is a taboo for any man to sleep with another man’s wife. We don’t take it lightly. Also, it is a taboo for any man to sleep with his daughter or for anyone to commit suicide. There are others which I cannot remember now but we consider life precious and no one is allowed to take their own life,” he said.

However, he remarked that some non governmental organizations have been of of tremendous assistance in ensuring peaceful co-existence are encouraged.

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