Tuesday, December 7

Mombasa Governor hopeful Shabal, faces backlash for supporting Homosexuality

After News Circulating on Social media and Mainstream media of one Suleiman Shabal a Businessman in Mombasa Supporting Homosexuality and Lesbianism in the County, He has of late received Criticism for supporting immorality and acts that go against the Spiritual teachings.

Suleiman Shabal who will also  be vying For Mombasa Governorship seat through the ODM party was interrigated in an interview before whether he supports Gaysim and lesbianism and he clearly stated that he had no problem with it since those people doing it have a right and freedom to engage in the act. 

 This has drawn the attention of Churches and places of worship in Mombasa. Hon. Ali Menza Mbogo MP Kisauni Constituency who is also seeking to take over the county as the second Governor of the city has been at the forefront in Condemning the mentioned Businessman for supporting ill advised activities. 

He has said Morality should be given priority in leadership and that anyone who supports evil sexual behaviour which the Bible does not endorse should not be given an opportunity to lead. 

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Ali Mbogo has not in one but so many occasions stated clearly that being a Muslim and a good friend to the Christian community  there is no where in the scripture that supports lesbianism and Homosexuality. He says Mombasa will loose its beauty as a tourist attractive city if Suleiman Shabal with his Gaysim and lesbianism is given an opportunity as the Next Governor. 

He raises a concern that this will destroy the the future and coming generations and will kill morality not only in the county but in the entire nation. 

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