Massive Explosion Rocks Houston, Shakes Buildings 1

Massive Explosion Rocks Houston, Shakes Buildings

A large explosion shook the US city of Houston, Texas, early on Friday morning, with residents woken before dawn as houses were damaged and glass windows shatter.

Houston police said they were responding to the explosion and warned all traffic to avoid the area in the northwest of the city.

A fiery explosion erupted at about 4:15 am, and many people felt buildings shake. Reported CNN.

Details about what exploded, the cause and whether anyone was seriously injured were not immediately available.

One person had been taken to hospital, the Houston Fire Department said.

“This is still an active scene. Avoid the area. No evacuation order was given at this time,” city fire chief Samuel Pena tweeted.

“We will advise of the possible cause of the explosion as soon as we have concrete info.”

Nearly every house in the area had extensive damage, including shattered windows and damaged garage doors, the local KPRC 2 TV news channel reported on its website.

“(The explosion) knocked us all out of our bed, it was so strong,” resident Mark Brady told KPRC.

“It busted out every window in our house. It busted everybody’s garage door in around here… and closer toward the explosion over here, it busted people’s roofs in and walls in and we don’t know what it is… It’s a warzone over here.”

Brady said the explosion was extremely loud.

“This is a disaster,” he said. “This is a big disaster. I really don’t know what happened… Houston we could use your prayers.”

Another resident named only as Kim said: “The whole house is ruined.

“The whole ceiling crashed down on all of us. We were all trapped in there and a nice family came and helped up out. It’s trashed. It’s just trashed.

“Every house was devastated.”

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