Market election: Aspirants approaching me for bribe will fail – ASMATA President


The President of Anambra State Markets Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA), Chief Ikechukwu Ekwegbalu has accused traders aspiring for different positions of approaching him with huge sum of money to bribe their way to victory during elections.

He said he was never moved by such inducement as he had always been wealthy which traders in the state were aware of.

He said he became rich at the age of 20 and was 20 years when he had a storey building in Lagos, Onitsha and other places.

He said, “I’ve been known by traders in the state as a rich man not a hungry man. All these elections I conduct, the aspirants come with huge sum of money to bribe me for me to endorse/support them as winners but I can’t because such money can not move me.

“If you come with a case and I found out that you are guilty and you want to bribe me with money, say #100,000 or so I will not take it because I am rich and have seen money.

“I can’t take bribe to go against the wish of God and man. My Presidency is not for bribery, if you come with bribe I will not listen to you but tell you that you are guilty.

“Before Governor Willie Obiano was made a governor he and I were in Lagos then and there was this Catholic church function they organized in Badaga Lagos and he invited me and I donated #100,000, so I am a philanthropist.

“All the elections I conducted so far before the coronavirus pandemic were free, fair and credible and if not for the pandemic I would have continued in the installation of elected executives in the markets waiting for an election to be conducted for them.”

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