Friday, January 21

Many dead, others sustain injury as buildings collapse in Landikotal

By: Ashrafuddin Pirzada

PAKISTAN: A number of people and pet animals sustained wounds when roofs of houses caved in due to heavy down pour and snow fall in far flung areas of Landikotal tehsil on Sunday, officials said.

Addtional assistant commissioner of Landikotal Ashrafuddin visited the far flung Loey Shalman and inspected the damaged houses. He said several pet animals including goats were died when roofs of six houses collapsed in different areas of Loey Shalman. He said around half of dozen goats also killed in the incident. 

Meanwhile, two residents were seriously injured in Karamna locality of far flung Landikotal when a roof of house caved in due to heavy rain in the past three days.

Locals said Muhammad Hakim Afridi and his wife wounded when roof of their room fall and burried them alive. They said the couple was retrieved and shifted to District Headquarters Hospital in Landikotal. 

Rain and flash floods also damaged several housds and roads at various areas including Brug,Alacha,Kam Shalman,Loey Shalman,Tirah and Dargay areas of Landikotal. 

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Additiona assistant commissioner Ashrafuddin assured that they would soon provide food and other assistance to the affected families suffered of harsh rain and snow fall.

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