Madumere: A Fugitive Is Not Innocent, FCC Jones Should Come Out From Hiding

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..Blackmailing Ex-Dgov From Exile Is Questionable

The advent of social media has given an undue privilege to idle individuals to write anything at the comfort of their homes without recur to its negative effects.

As a concerned Imolite, it will be morally bad to keep quiet after reading series of blackmails against the immediate past Deputy Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Prince Eze Madumere by people of questionable characters.

After the last edition of the said poorly written story tagged, “MADUMERE: A PDP STOOGE?” by the same notorious name in blackmail, one FCC Jones Onwusoanya, I became charged to deflect this name calling.

To be frank, I decided not to inform the former Deputy Governor, Prince Madumere for permission before this article, considering the fact that he would as usual plead with me to ignore the E-rat.

But in the Igbo parlance, it is said that “aru gbaa afo, oburu omenala”, meaning when immorality gets older, it becomes a daily routine. This actually propelled me for this exposition.
From available records on ground, I am aware that the Writer, FCC Jones is on the run and nowhere to be found after he was declared wanted by security agents.
Recall that same FCC Jones had in the past written against the commander 34 Artillery Brigade, Obinze, Commissioner of Police, Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim, Hope Uzodinma, Emeka Ihedioha and Ifeanyi Araraume among others. But regrettably, non of these stories as written by FCC Jones was published by any credible newspaper in the state and Nigeria at large due to its unverifiable contents and questionable sources.
It is quite laughable for FCC Jones to shoot individuals of high caliber from exile without making himself available for verification. Even though I am a non Journalist, but as a P.hD holder, I am aware that in journalism, stories are balanced when the writer identifies himself properly and invitation extended to the person been written against.
This in Journalism makes stories credible and verifiable, but unethically, the said FCC Jones has consistently made it a vocation to continue to malign and disparage individuals without any provocation.
My major concern is not what he writes, but my problem is why he had continued to target highly placed personalities for his social media attacks. This occur to me that perhaps he needs settlement which non of those he writes against is ready to compromise.
Just like I have said it before, I am not the former Deputy Governor’s fan, but following the role he played during the 2019 general election that was widely adjudged to have librated Imo state and her people, my love for him increased drastically.
I have refused to agree that Madumere, as a man who fought for the sustenance of his All Progressive Congress (APC) through his contacts, ensures that a man who tried to dominate the party in the state by foisting his son-in-law as Governorship Candidate was suspended and pushed out of the party is working against the same party having sacrificed much.
How could a man who sacrificed his privileges, happiness and joy as Deputy Governor under a tyrant, a man who also let go of his Governorship ambition work against a party he almost lost his life for? To me, this is a cock and bull story that is told by a mentally deranged person who is bereft of academic and natural knowledge to pass verdict.
Obviously, all these tales and blackmails are mere fabricated falsehoods laced with personal hatred to disparage the former number two citizen of the state.
A situation where stories from FCC Jones against individuals are written from hiding places, otherwise known as exile renders the whole exercise questionable and should as well discountenanced.
Having came across this release, “the public is notified that one FCC Jones is declared wanted by security agents over unverifiable story that amount to libel against the Commissioner of Police, Commander, 34 Artillery Brigade, Obinze and Director of SSS, Imo state respectively, therefore anyone with useful information that will lead to his immediate arrest should please go to any nearest police station, for a handsome reward awaits the informant”
I do not need a Jupiter to convince me that the said hatchet Writer is in for trouble, hence he has continued unabatedly to blackmail Prince Madumere whom he suspected to have masterminded his arrest.
As a Concerned Citizen and an Academic, I join millions of well meaning Imolites to request FCC Jones to come out from his hiding place and submit himself to security screening to answer allegations against him. This if done, will serve as deterrent to other social media blackmailers whose stock in trade is to pollute the public with fake and unverifiable stories against humanity.
With This, Imo Must Move Forward According to FCC Jones.
By Dr Ikpeama Kingsley


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