Sunday, January 23

Losing Candidates Continue Strike In Pakistan

By: Ashrafuddin Pirzada

PAKISTAN: On the third consecutive day the losing candidates of tehsil chairmanship slot continued their strike and blocked the road for hours at Takiya area of Nekikhel Khyber in Landikotal on Wednesday.

Hundreds of political parties supporters and independent candidates staged protest on the main Peshawar-Torkham road and chanted slogans.They Chanted slogans of  “Bogus Vote Namanzoor”.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI leader Shahid Ali Shinwari,ANP leader Shah Hussain,Murad Hussain Afridi of Jamat-e-Islami,Shakir Afridi,Kalimullah Shinwari, Sayed Alam Shalmani and Ziaul Haq Afridi said that their protest would be continued till the repolling not conducted on the Landikotal tehsil chairmanship slot. 

They said election staff was either bribed or forced to cast vote in the candidate backed a rich former parliamentarian who sold Nato fuel when they were supplying it to Afghanistan for US-led forces. They said election was stolen with money which they have solid proofs of it.

The speakers showed a numbers of stamped ballot papers to media and general public. They said how it could be missed from the election staff.

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“If minor irrigularity happens in the LG polls they would have to accept that but the whole polling stations in Landikotal were purchased which they will not accept it”, Shah Hussain alleged. He said all the election staff was deployed on the choice of the demand of former MNA and senator who allegedly paid bribe the election commission staff. 

The ANP leader said they have already submitted their application at ECP office and demanded re-election on Landikotal chairmanship slot. He said due to mismanagement,interposition of the former senator supporters and poor performance of ECP and police a large number of women could not casted their votes in Landikotal. 

Shakir Afridi said if in coming hours the ECP not announce re-election they would stage protest in Islamabad and at the front of Chief Minister’s house in Peshawar.

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