Lagos Ruling Houses Oppose Monarch’s Installation


The Owoyele, Ogunloye and Odu Ganganyan ruling houses of Agboyiland in Agboyi Ketu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos State has cried out and warned over the installation of a monarch.

The royal families in the town have been at loggerheads and the General Secretary of the ruling houses Prince Gafar Nurain urged parties to abide by a court injunction barring installation of an oba-elect.

He said: “The kingship tussle in Agboyi started in 2006 when the Ogunloye, Owoyele and Ogugangan families instituted a case against the Ondoyi family. There’s a standing declaration barring the four ruling houses in Agboyi, but Ondoyi family went ahead to install an oba.

“The courts gave three rulings against them but they appealed two. After five years, the Appeal Court struck out their motion.
“We got that appeal on February 12, 2019, and since, they have been trying to go against the judgment. They know the matter is still in court and nobody should claim the throne yet.

“The case has been assigned to another judge and we have started appearing before Justice Oyebanji of the High Court in Lagos. If not for the Coronavirus pandemic, we would have got a trial date.

“…let the court rule on the matter. We don’t want a situation where two or three years later, another family or person will reject what we agreed upon. A court judgment will cover everyone and that will be our power.
“The Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs has said since the matter is in court, nobody can be the oba…”

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We have a certified letter from the Ministry of Justice saying there is nothing anybody can do since the matter is still in court.

“Based on rumours that the other party wants to install an oba, we urge the public not to take them serious or recognise anybody as an oba yet. When a matter is in court, nobody has the right to compromise it or act ultra vires.”

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