Lagos Police Nab Man for Allegedly Killing, Dumping Mistress by Roadside

Lagos Police Nab Man for Allegedly Killing, Dumping Mistress by Roadside

The Police homicide detectives attached to the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department (SCIID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos State are investigating the circumstances behind an alleged killing and dumping of the body of a widow by the side of the road at Igando by her lover. The suspect, one Clement Ejindo, a dealer in cosmetics and provisions, was arrested when a video of him and the deceased identified as Promise Abor went viral on social media.
The Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, had then ordered a full investigation. Upon the directives, detectives from Igando police station were able to track a mechanic friend of the suspect, who led policemen to his hideout. The police said the deceased children had led the police to the mechanic on the ground that it was he who brought the suspect’s car key to their house.

The deceased, a widow, started dating the suspect four years after the demise of her husband. It was learned that the suspect had allegedly poisoned the deceased when they went out on that fateful day, removed her pants and bra and dumped her by the roadside after he had picked up the deceased from her house at Igando, an allegation Clement swiftly denied.

Speaking to The Guardian at SCIID, the suspect alleged that the deceased developed sickness while they were on their way out to Idimu. He claimed that the deceased who sat in the back seat of the car started coughing as if she was choking a few minutes after they drove past Igando General hospital.
“As she was coughing, she started sounding a little faint. I asked if she needed water and she said yes. Luckily I had a bottle of water in my car and I handed it over to her. She drank a little. The traffic was heavy and I was managing to meander my way through the traffic, tagging behind commercial bus drivers. I asked her if I should take her to the hospital. I was not hearing what she was saying clearly so I turned when I got to Isheri. Because of the traffic, I entered into a small street. I parked my car. It was late. She struggled out of the car and sat down by the roadside.

“An elderly man and his wife who met us by side of the road thought that my car ran over her but I quickly denied any such thing. I explained my situation to them. They helped me to take off her top and bra. I kept the bra in a small nylon. She regained herself and we drove off. As we were approaching Igando, she started coughing again. I pulled off the road. She came down again I was hoping that she would soon regain herself. Some people who met us tried to offer a helping hand. Suddenly she slumped. I dumped her and ran away because I was so afraid,” he added.

(The Guardian)

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