Lagos House Of Assembly Suspend L.G Chairmen 1

Lagos House Of Assembly Suspend L.G Chairmen

Lagos House Of Assembly

The Lagos house of assembly suspended the ifako ijaye chairman and some council staff for financial impropriety within the LGA.I hope this development will filter to other LGA’s, because we need to sanitize the way some of these chairmen do business.

In the past, the chairman will tell you that the reason things were slow or not moving were lack of funds from the state government.They will say we barely have enough money to pay salaries, talkless of even funding projects. With the mandatory 30,000 naira minimum wage, most of the chairmen have started to complain about the lack of funds.

Ever since the Federal Government have started to pay the allocations directly to LG council coffers, the chairmen have turned the money to their personal hedge fund. The state of LGA roads are worse than, when the allocation was paid directly to state government. Most chairmen and their vice are at loggerheads because of transparency concerning how the money is spent.

While the chairmen are buying houses abroad, buying bigger cars, the living conditions of the people within the LGA worsen. I really commend the Lagos House of Assembly for this move,because it will put fear in some of the chairmen and curb some of their excesses.

Mr Elijah Adele who is the chairman of Apapa LG council while in London at the time,used council funds to send most of the political office holders and followers to Ghana, because he was to receive an award by an association in that country.While people in the LGA were crying about the state of the roads that is causing gridlock and also the decrease in spending power, the chairman was busy moving the whole apapa LGA to Ghana so they can see him collect an award.

Mr Fuad Atanda Lawal is the chairman of Ikoyi/Obalende and his official cars including his hilux is in the tune of over 40 million naira.If you also include his private cars, then you can move the figure to like 90million.While his vice is 10 million for his official car and he has another car he privately owns worth around 1.5 million.Ever since the federal government has started to pay directly into LG council coffers, the chairman has moved to Glover Rd Ikoyi while the Vice chairman still lives in the house he was living before he became Vice Chairman.

Mr Rasak Ajala is the chairman Odi Olowo/ Ojuwoye LCDA he runs the council with an iron fist,He spends at will and his Vice chairman is not consulted in anything he does,especially when it comes to spending of money.The irony of this issue is that Rasak Ajala was once the Vice chairman and everything he is doing to his vice was what he was complaining about, when he was the vice chairman.

We can’t keep blaming the federal government and state government without holding our LGA chairmen accountable,because they are the first tier to the masses.Since they are now receiving direct allocations,then the masses with their LGA should also feel a direct improvement.The Efcc and the house of assembly should make sure the money is used to better the life of the constituents.

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