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Kolkata Police buying Cornershot guns, gas masks for Commandos

By: Abhijit Ray, Kolkata, India

The Kolkata Police headquarters Lalbazar plans to hand over sophisticated firearms like corner Guns to the Kolkata police commando  force. 

This news has been learnt from a special source of Kolkata Police. 

These corner shots in commando operations are now virtually irresistible around the world in situations such as militant attacks or the release of hostages from the clutches of militants. 

This corner shot was invented by Israel in 2000. Naturally seeing the effectiveness of corner shots, China, India and many other countries have created their own versions. 

In the case of our country DRDO makes this corner shot song. 

Special forces and elite commandos from countries like USA, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, South Korea use this corner shot gun. 

This corner shot is in the hands of NSG commandos, army except states like Punjab Police in this country. 

Kolkata Police buying Cornershot guns, gas masks for Commandos 1
Corner shot gun

Corner Shot Weapon System (CSWS) allows its operator to see and attack an armed target, without exposing himself for any counterattack. The weapon is being developed in two variants to accommodate in service 9 mm pistol and 40 mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher. CSWS is also equipped with day & night camera, invisible lasers, laser aiming device, tactical flashlight, colour LCD monitor and a power source (rechargeable battery). 

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Not just corner shot guns, the Kolkata police wants to buy light but modern pistols like the infallible laser controlled Glock 18 and 19 models to hit the perfect target for the commandos. 

The Kolkata police has also decided to buy Bulgarian-made laser-controlled AKMS firearm. A bunch of modern model firearms as well as night vision binoculars, gas masks, hands free communication sets have been decided for the Lalbazar’s commando force. The Kolkata Police has only one Commando Battalion. 

According to sources, the group has four hundred commandos in Mereket. The commandos of Kolkata Police were sent for training at NSG Hub, the country’s elite commando training center at Manesar in Gurgaon. 

If successful in this training, he will get a place in the commando force of Calcutta Police. 

However, if necessary, these commandos are also trained at the NSG hub in Newtown. At present this force of Kolkata Police has firearms like Insas, AK-47, Sniper, Glock. Usually, these forces are not called upon to maintain law and order in the city. 

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In addition to the recent India-New Zealand T20 match in Eden, the commandos were in charge of protecting the cricketers of both the teams. The troops were even deployed at the hotel where the two teams were staying in Kolkata. 

However, in the 2016 Assembly polls, allegations of “over-activism” were leveled against the then top brass of the Kolkata police for bringing down the commando force. 

The militant attack on the American Center is an important milestone in the 150-year history of the Calcutta Police. Because, Lalbazar has never had to face such a big challenge before. Since then, there has been a need to build forces like the Commando Force and the Special Task Force (STF). 

The Kolkata Police Force is one of the three presidency police forces of the Indian state of West Bengal. Kolkata Police has the task of policing the metropolitan area of Kolkata, India, as defined under the Calcutta Police Act, 1866 and the Calcutta Suburban Police Act, 1866. Its headquarters are in  Lalbazar. Kolkata.

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