Friday, January 21

King’s Forces Brutality: 200 shot, crippled victims demand compensation

By: Eugene Dube 

MANZINI – Over 200 Swati citizens who were shot and crippled by King Mswati III’s police officers and soldiers have come together and formed an association called the Swaziland Massacre Victim and Survivors association which among other objectives seeks compensation from government.

Most of the victims are crippled and confined on wheelchairs. 

Bongani Madzabudzabu Kunene of, Swaziland Massacre Victims and Survivors Association confirmed the matter in an interview. 

“Our organization has been formed after the June 28,29 Massacre in 2021. Many of us were shot and crippled by soldiers and police officers. Some are dead.”

“Those who survived shared their pain while admitted in hospitals. We then pledged to keep this friendship.”

“Our organization seeks to provide counselling to our members. Our association SWAVISWA is an independent organization. 

“This is not a political party but an association for the political unrest victims. 

” We urge all people who were shot by either the police officers or soldiers to come out and meet us. “

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“We want compensation. However that process will be gradual. We will involve the DPM’S office before going to the Eswatini High Court. If our demands are not addressed we will go to the International Court.”

He added, “The most painful thing is that Eswatini government is hiding information about the political unrest shootings. I know the person who shot and crippled me. I lost my leg. We have many amputated victims.”

“We obtained information that in Manzini and Matsapha soldiers shot several Swazis while police officers shot and killed many people in Eswatini.” 

“We have many people on wheelchairs and crutches. We have many who were amputated after being shot by the police officers or soldiers. 

“We have many people who were shot. Over 200 people have joined our association. They include civilians, King’s employees and a soldier. However many of these people are scared to come out.”

“I urge people who were shot to call us so that they can get assistance like counselling. We also need to come up with ways of how we can survive after this situation.”

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