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Kenyan Women Chip a Way at Employment Barriers

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Bungoma town is growing daily like any other town in Kenya. There are garages where women are showing interest in the mechanical field. This being a male-dominated industry, a local woman has gained fame as hard-working and very skilled in the industry.

Rose Literian, 35, dropped out of school in order to focus on her role as a housewife, mother, and homemaker who had lost hope in life after being discouraged and facing stigmatization while at school. Through the USAID Youth empowerment and the Kenya Youth Employment Opportunities(KYEOP), Rose changed her story from nobody to somebody.

The Daily Vendor Newspaper learnt that a three-month competency-based training program, offered at the garage where Rose is now employed, inspired her to try something new and become a mechanic.

Her decision to resume her education surprised many including family and friends who thought she was insane.

β€œThey could not believe that I was doing Mechanics as a career that will be my whole life’s job. They thought I was insane.” She said.

Being a hard-working lady in the industry, the garage decided to offer her a job, her communication skills and customer relations made many believe that she can do the job.

She added that another lady joined her in the process where they have worked together but now she is on maternity leave but she will join them soon.

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The KYEOP program has helped many to change from their negative perception of looking for white-collar jobs and do what they are passionate about to earn their living.

β€œAs a result of her passion in the industry our facility has seen a constant increase in enrollment in the rise of potential female gender students seeking to pursue mechanics courses,” said David Masinde, her mentor and garage instructor.

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She said that she has a dream to open her own garage one day and mentor other women to take this job thought to be for the male gender.

”I will use the little salary that I have been saving and from other sources, I wish to open my own garage and train more women in this Chauvinist society and be remembered for that one day,” Rose said.

She said that she has been doing well before the Coronavirus pandemic but during this pandemic, money is scarce.

”I have been doing well with no harassment from my colleagues and we have been making profit and progress in the industry. However, during this coronavirus pandemic, we are not making a profit as it was before.” Said Rose.

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