Kanu insists Jubril is president in Nigeria, speaks on Kim & Trump impersonators 1

Kanu insists Jubril is president in Nigeria, speaks on Kim & Trump impersonators

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu speaks on Presidents Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump impersonators.

Howard X, a Hong Kong resident is a Kim Jong Un (The North Korea President) lookalike, while Russell White from Canada is a Donald Trump (United States President) lookalike. They are known for impersonating the US and North Korea presidents.

The Duo, sometimes in February 2019 met and staged a fake summit in Vietnam while impersonating the North Korea and US presidents. They were however detained by Vietnamese authorities during a television interview after the fake summit, THE DAILY VENDOR learnt.

The Vietnamese authorities were said to have hastily deported Howard X back to Hong Kong on the grounds that his Visa was invalid.

Reports say, he was moved out of Vietnam hastily before the arrival of the real Kim Jong Un who was billed to arrive the country for a meeting with the US president, Trump in Hanoi in few days.

Russell White was however not deported along with his co-impressionist, but was warned to stop coming to the public with costume that suggests he is Trump.

Meanwhile, taking to his twitter handle, Mazi Kanu said below are two actors (Howard X and Russell White) impersonating president Kim of North Korea and Trump of United States. The resemblance is as striking as that of #JubrilAlSudani to “late” Buhari.

Continuing he said “These are actors, but in Nigeria Jubril is real president…”

Find screenshot of his tweet below:

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