Friday, January 21

Just In: Bungoma post-election violence survivors may boycott 2022 polls over government neglect

By: Lydia Wafula

Bungoma post-election violence survivors from areas of Kikwechi in Kanduyi constituency and Mt. Elgon regions have vowed not to participate in coming general elections if the state will not have compensated them.

In an interview with KNA, Winrose Nasimiyu from Kikwechi in Bungoma County narrated her painful experience on what happened on 25th April 2013 whereby she heard cries from the neighborhood. Being alone in the house with her children who were already asleep she decided to check on what was happening.

“I went out of my house and after listening I heard cries coming from the neighborhood where I walked towards the voices through my firm then I saw a boy and a girl running towards my direction”, Nasimiyu said.

 She added that before the children reached where she was she noticed some strange people behind her and before she confronted them her right hand was chopped off, her left hand and on both the legs. The boy and the girl were also badly injured during that incident.

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Winrose was later rescued by the police who met her on the way to Bungoma County Referral Hospital where she was diagnosed and referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret where she was treated.

On other hand, Mildred Wasike  another victim of the violence where her husband who is currently deceased was attacked the same night and got injuries on the head and eyes. After a long term treatment the man died and she was left behind.

“It was the worst night of my life where we were attacked and on opening the door my husband was cut on the head. I ran away for my life and in the process my mother in law who was also in the house was attacked,” Mildred said, adding that she had to hide in a cane plantation and that’s what rescued her.

The victims said that since the incident they have been living in fear despite improving the security of the area. Women and children have remained the main victims of the violence as many were left with injuries and they are the breadwinners for their families like Winrose, a mother of eight.

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 Tobias Wekesa who is also a victim said that he was attacked that night too but luckily he survived despite the bad injuries.

He said after the attack, the government had promised to compensate them but till now there is nothing.

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