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ISIS, Al-Qaida Affiliates Busted in Landikotal – CTD

PAKISTAN:  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Counter Terrorism Department(CTD) on Friday claimed to have foiled a terrorism bid and arrested four ISIS and Al-qaida affiliates in Mazreena area of Sultankhel village in Landikotal tehsil in district Khyber, officials sources said.

The sources said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa counter terrorism department police on the basis of secret information took action and raided on a compound in the hilly Mazreena village in Landikotal,some 10 kilometers from Pak-Afghan border Torkham.

CTD police in a press release here issued said that the arrested persons were the ISIS and Al-Qaida facilitators who were planning to conduct attacks in Peshawar city and in surrounding localities.

 It it said in the press statement that four terrorists were arrested during the raid in Landikotal and recovered a huge quanitity of arms and expolisive devices.

The CTD police said that the arrested persons have stored arms and explosives in a compound so that they could be used it to create chaos in the country.

CTD Police registered a case against the arrested persons and started investigation.

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The items recovered were 2 Jackets, 2 IEDs, 6 anti personal explosive decvices, 58 IED receivers,20 detonators, 1 RPG-7, 13 UBGL, 1 Google postioning system(GPS), 7 Filter rounds,4 hand grinades,14 kilograms explosives, 1kilograms baring balls, 3  MBRL rounds, 42 empty RDS, 4 bundle Prima cards, 10 IED remort control, 8 battries cells, IED remote 1, SB jacket switch 1 digital camera, 1 MBRL fuse,

1 China made hand grinade and other electronics wires. 

ISIS, Al-Qaida Affiliates Busted in Landikotal - CTD 1
Items recovered

Meanwhile, residents blocked the Pak-Afghan Highway at Khyber Sultankhel as protest against the CDT police raid in Mazreena village in Landikotal. They were of the view that local elders and police were not onboard when CTD Peshawar police raided in Sultankhen village. They said it was an agreement between the authorities and residents that whenever police and security forces conduct raid on homes and other compounds they must take elders and local police into confidance. 

When contacted Station House Officer(SHO) of Landikotal police station Ishrat Ali Shinwari he told The Daily Vendor that they were kept unaware of the CTD action taken in his police station jurisdiction. He said it is in the police business rules to inform local police station prior to take an action by police of the other district. He said due to this missmanagement and poor coordination with the CTD Peshawar residents blocked the busy highway for hours that suffered the commutors and created problems for local police. 

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