Indifference to February polls will worsen Anambra workers' problems - NLC boss

Indifference to February polls will worsen Anambra workers’ problems – NLC boss

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Anambra State has called on workers in the state to take advantage of extension of deadline for collection of Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, to collect theirs to participate in the forthcoming general elections.

The Chairman, Comrade Chinwe Orizu who gave the advice in chat with reporters on Tuesday argued that those relunctant in collecting their PVCs were invariably endorsing continued system collapse with bad leaders holding citizens to ransom.

She lauded the electoral umpire for the extension, saying it would give the people more time to get their cards and be eligible to participate in the exercise.

She said, “The state of the nation today is quite worrisome, with the workers and other poor Nigerians mostly affected. This ugly development makes it imperative for the citizens to take the coming elections seriously.

“They should ensure that those who will emerge are persons with genuine interest in turning around the fortunes of the country.

“If one is to consider what is going on in the country today, then there is no hope. A litre of fuel today is over N400. Industrial actions everywhere, meagre workers’ salary, insensitivity of the leaders to the plights of the masses and so on.

“But I believe there is hope for this country, and that hope starts with going to collect your PVCs. Your vote is your power. That your PVC gives you the power to vote in any candidate of your choice.”

The NLC boss however noted that the failure or success of the elections was largely dependent on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), just as she advised workers not to sell their votes.

“INEC has the burden to show Nigerians that they can conduct a free, fair and credible election, whose outcome will reflect the true yearnings of the people.

“When you collect money to vote bad leaders into positions of authority, you have sold your future and those of your children and you have no right to complain for the next four years.

“The implications are many, insecurity will continue, poor condition of workers will continue. We will continue to see policies that will continue to impoverish the people,” she stressed.

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