Tuesday, December 7

India’s Modi forced to reduce petrol price after BJP lost recent by-polls

In the face of intense pressure, the Narendra Modi government was finally forced to reduce petrol and diesel prices. They reduced excise duty on petrol by Tk 5 per liter and diesel by Tk 10. 

Overnight after the Centre’s announcement, several BJP-ruled states, including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Assam and Tripura, have taken steps to reduce petrol and diesel prices. 

As a result, in all these states, the price will go down by an additional Rs 2-12 after the Centre’s discount. 

On the other hand, today, the price of petrol in Kolkata is Rs 104.6 and the price of diesel is Rs 79.89. The reduction in excise duty has had an impact on sales tax. That is why customers will get a little more discount of Rs 5 and Rs 10 on petrol and diesel respectively. 

Petrol had already crossed Rs 110. After 100 rupees, diesel is also gradually going up. 

In this situation, the pressure was increasing on the Modi government. BJP, the ruling party at the Center, has become more cornered as it has lost four assembly by-elections by huge margins of vote in all the states. 

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Assembly votes in seven states next year. There is no need to drown, so the center tried to control the fuel a little earlier. Such is the case with political and industrial circles. 

However, Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien tweeted about Modi’s move last night. Writes, it is a Diwali gift for the central government. In the last financial year, the excise duty on petrol was increased by 43 percent. It increased to Rs 32.90 per liter. Diesel excise duty increases by 7.6 percent in one year. It increased to Rs 31.60 per liter. While the people of the whole country have become financially disoriented due to the Corona infection, the Center is making billions of rupees from fuel alone. In the last financial year, the Modi government has earned Tk 1 lakh 1,598 crore from excise duty on petrol. The income from diesel has been 2 lakh 33 thousand 298 crore. 

Despite collecting so much money, they have not taken any steps to reduce the price of fuel. Even when petrol and diesel had crossed Rs 100 per liter, the officials of the center were still locked up.

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