Increase in farmers' profitability, Nigeria's GDP our target - Agro-based firm executive

Increase in farmers’ profitability, Nigeria’s GDP our target – Agro-based firm executive

The Executive Chairman of Virgys Nigeria Limited, Mr Victor Okechukwu Vishnay has explained why his company’s bio-fertilizer for crops and bio-augmentation for fish, poultry and livestock are global game-changers. 

Vishnay in a statement said his company is the exclusive distributor in Nigeria and Africa to a USA biotechnology company. 

He said the company’s natural clean biofertilizer increases yields by up to 120 percent from prevailing yields. According to his example, the prevailing rice yields under best practices is between 2.5 and 4mt per hectare. 

“With our product, it’s consistently proven to be 7.5 to 9mt. Prevailing yields for maize is between 3 and 4mt per hectare. With our product, it’s 10 to12mt. Same with other crops, vegetables and grazing grass as ours is microbial. Not crop or soil specific. Yields for fish, poultry and livestock are similar.

“There are other proven benefits – fights diseases and pathogens, repairs damaged soils, increases dissolved oxygen levels, provides nutrients, among other things.

“The core value of our business is to increase agricultural production, provide sustainability, enhance organic agriculture, increase profitability for farmers, positively impact the macroeconomy, increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), among others, “he said.

According to Vishnay, Nigeria has a good agricultural policy but added that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had frustrated good intervention initiative like the anchor borrowers programme with personal interest, instead of national interest.

 “If we increase yields by up to 100 percent produce organic produce, make farming sustainable, increase profits for farmers, domestic and export markets will be greatly improved.

“Our exclusivity is for Nigeria and Africa. This should tell you about our capacity and capabilities.

He said if he were the President of Nigeria, that agriculture would have speedily and effectively transformed Nigeria and substantially impacted the GDP.

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