Igbo Presidency Realisable In 2023 - Ngige 1

Igbo Presidency Realisable In 2023 – Ngige

Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige, Honourable Minister for Labour and Employment, has stated that the Igbo presidency project in 2023 was a realisable one.

He disclosed this in an interview with Daily Sun published on Thursday, August 20.

The Minister, however, insisted not to discuss much on it since the incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari, is yet to complete the first half of his second tenure.

Ngige noted that it was still too early to start politicking for 2023, stating that his position on the choice of a presidential candidate will be disclosed after May 29, 2021.

“I don’t want to discuss the chances because I am not discussing the Presidency and who is filling it next now. I feel it is unfair for the incumbent who has not done up to halftime,” he said.

The former Governor also talked about his position on power rotation, stating that the All Progressives Congress (APC), had a zoning arrangement but was not included in the party’s constitution.

“But the idea of whether there should be rotation and zoning and no rotation and zoning, for me, is a simple matter. It is a gentleman’s agreement.

“The American constitution, you don’t have everything written in it. “It is not written in our constitution, but for me, it will make for stability, fairness and everything if it rotates back to the South. I was in PDP, we practiced it, and it makes for stability and everything. So, we didn’t have it in our party constitution.

“We the framers of the constitution agreed that it is something that we will do. I was one of the wise men that did the APC constitution headed by Chief Segun Osoba. And that is what we agreed on; that we don’t need to insert it. But there are things that are done by gentleman agreement,” Ngige said.

He also pointed out that there are individuals in the south who has the capacity to replace President Buhari in 2023.

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