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Horror as SUV crushes 20 during Dussehra procession in India

A horrific incident happened in Yashpur, Chhattisgarh in India on Friday when a reckless driver of an SUV crushed 20 people during the Hindu’s Dussehra procession. 

It was gathered that the incident took place when residents of Bazarpara locality set out on a procession for the immersion of Goddess Durga idols. 

Two occupants of the vehicle, Bablu Vishwakarma (21) and Shishupal Sahu (26), natives of Singrauli in neighboring Madhya Pradesh, were later arrested from the outskirt of the town while the SUV was found burning.

Locals however claimed that the suspects were smuggling ganja and that they set the SUV on fire themselves just to destroy evidence as they were being chased. 

There was palpable tension in the town and a large number of people gathered outside the Pathalgaon police station. 

Terming the incident as “sad and heart-wrenching”, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said the accused were immediately arrested and action has also been taken against some police officers who were prima facie found at fault. 

So far 4 people have died in the incident. Many more were injured. The death toll is expected to rise further. 

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According to an all-India media report, locals staged a Dussehra procession in Yashpur on Friday. The tragic incident happened while the procession was passing through the road. 

As seen in the viral video on social media, 20-25 people were standing in the street at the time of the incident. At that time, a red sumo car speeding from behind crushed them. Four people died on the spot. Many more were injured. They are being treated at a local hospital. However, the condition of many is quite alarming. Then the rest of the procession chased the car and caught it. The agitated mob then set the car on fire. 

Upon receiving the news, the police officers came to the spot. The accused was arrested. The incident has caused a stir in the area. The whole place is in a thumping atmosphere. Huge police force has also been deployed.

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