Shocker! HIV infected person confesses mixing blood with Zobo to sell

Shocker! HIV infected person confesses mixing blood with Zobo to sell

…The HIV infected woman said she has been in the business for the past 6 months

An HIV infected woman has confessed mixing blood with zobo drink and give to  others.

The HIV infected woman who was an anonymous character actually called a radio station to share a ‘dubious’ act she’s been involved in after her HIV status was confirmed at an undisclosed hospital.

During an episode of a popular radio program, the un unidentified woman called in to confess that she has been mixing her HIV infected blood with the zobo drink she prepares before selling to people in the past six months.

Before she called, the presenter had asked people to call in and share those dubious things they’ve done in the past which they aren’t proud about.

He told people to call in so that they could share those terrible things they’ve done in their market places whether they are now sorry or not about them.

Encouraging them to call, he noted they don’t have to disclose their names, noting they can remain anonymous

“Those dubious things wey you don do, when you no like, when dey make your hear say, ‘God, I’m sorry. Ah! God, how I wish’.

“Even if you are not sorry, for the dubious things you did in the market space, call us, no problem. Share them with us. No call your name, remain anonymous.”

After calling in, the anonymous woman said: “Wetin I do, God go forgive me!

“I go hospital, them say na HIV I get. I no get money to treat my self. So I come dey comot my blood dey put am for zobo dey sell am for many people. I said, I will not die alone. God go forgive me. I don dey do am for six months now.” The HIV infected woman confessed.

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