High insecurity: El Rufai should resign now, group insists

High insecurity: El Rufai should resign now, group insists

…says El Rufai, restless, sadist and serial betrayer occupying political space in Nigeria

*requests for state of emergency

President Muhammadu Buhari has been called upon to immediately declare a state of emergency in Kaduna State over  the persistent shedding of innocent blood and wanton killings that  appear to have become the norm in the past seven and half years.

Making the call this afternoon in Awka, a political pressure group under the aegis of Great Nigeria 4 Obi-dDatti (GN4Obidatti) described the governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El rufai as a “collosal failure, liar and backstabber who practices politics of bitterness and divisiveness and exclusionism

Pointing out specifically the recent series of false accusations he leveled against  Peter Obi,the presidential candidate of the  Labour Party, had ordered his (elRufai) arrest when he visited Anambra State, Barrister Tony Chukwuelue, Mike Okaka; Johnny Obika and Shehu Alhassan who jointly addressed journalists on behalf of the GN4Obidatti group  pointed out that no such thing ever took place. 

The group wondered if El Rufai knows that it is the Commissioner of Police that is responsible for issuance of arrest and detention orders and not a Governor. Or perhaps the Kaduna governor must have been usurping the security powers

Surprisingly a video clip of the same Governor elRufai personally acknowledged that the Security operatives he had encounter were detailed from Abuja Headquarters 

It is on record that as a Governor, Peter Obi operated the least number of vehicles in a convoy in Nigeria. That he had always given way to convoys of private citizens and other road users to pass before he continued his trips.

That in his eight years as Governor, there was no single incidence of Gov Obi or his administration taking any action or steps that ignited tension or breakdown of law and order or crises which is today a daily occurrence in El rufai’s Kaduna State in the past seven and half years.

The GN4Obidatti noted that El rufai has unsuccessfully tried severally to smear Obi with his numerous delusional fabrications to torpedo the OBIdient ship cruising to Aso Rock.

“First El Rufai denied Obi supporters the use of public facilities for their one million march. He has since gone on full verbal rampage against  Peter Obi. 

According to Chukwuelue  “for those who know El Rufai, he is one restless, sadist and serial betrayer occupying political space in Nigeria. It was Atiku Abubakar who brought him to political consciousness of Nigeria. He has since betrayed and stabbed him in the back. A former president of Nigeria who also appointed El Rufai into his cabinet also recorded him as a serial liar and an inconsistent gadfly who returns ingratitude in place of gratitude. He also wants to betray Buhari, the man who made his occupation of the Kaduna  Government House possible. 

Little wonder Bola Tinubu, who is the All Progressive Congress presidential candidate insisted he stand before the world to promise not to disappear into exile soon.

The GN4Obiidatti spokesman stated that ” in civilised nation, El Rufai would have voluntarily tendered a letter of resignation of office as Governor of Kaduna state, having recorded  unbeatable record in Nigeria and the world of presiding over the affairs of the unsafest state where one cannot travel by road, by train or by air.

He was also the inventor of the disturbing Muslim-Muslim ticket as he broods no sensitivity towards the feelings of his subjects. In Kaduna today, kidnapping and killings have remained the norm rather than an exception.

So with such deplorable records, an Extremely Divisive man like El Rufai still have guts to attack an Honorable decent man, Mr. Peter Obi.

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