High-handedness: Call our Monarch to order, Community begs Obiano 1
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High-handedness: Call our Monarch to order, Community begs Obiano

Women of Ezi-Umunya community in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra state have called on Governor Willie Obiano to call their traditional ruler, Igwe Chris Onyekwuluje to order and direct him to leave the people of the area alone.

They also appealled to the governor to caution the monarch against alleged use of police and the community vigilante to intimidate and harass their husbands and children.

In a protest letter to the governor, signed by its Chairlady, Mrs. Roseline Nwakonobi and Secretary, Mrs. Theresa Oramalu, the community linked its travails to what it termed a puppet government set up by the monarch led by one Shedrac Obinna against the elected and legitimate town union government led by Chief Chigozie Nweke.

The statement partly read, “Recall sir that we were in the government house on Thursday 4th June 2020 to protest against the activities of Igwe Christ Onyekwuluje and his cohort in Ezi- Umunya consequent upon which we were directed to put our protest in writing as we are doing here.

“God blessed Ezi-umunya people with landed property but the Igwe is seriously interfering in the internal affairs of the people in order to grab the lands and sell away.

“After the election of the Chief Chigozie Nweke led government in Ezi umunya, Igwe Onyekuluje invited the elected chairman to swear to an oath of absolute loyalty to him and to do all that he wants in Ezi umunya but he refused to swear to such an oath.

“The Igwe in reaction to the chairman’s refusal to swear to his fetish oath started looking for anybody who will dance to his tune in Ezi umunya and found that in the person of Mr. Shedrac Obinna Okonkwo.

“He hurriedly called his cohorts led by Shedrac Obinna Okonkwo to his palace and purportedly anointed him as the chairman of Ezi umunya village union thereby setting up a puppet government in Ezi umunya made up of his surrogates and dividing Ezi-Umunya people into two faction.

“To show appreciation to the igwe, Shedrac Obinna Okonkwo took an oath of loyalty to the Igwe but is finding it hard to be accepted by Ezi-Umunya people who since then are always in police stations and the court.

“Today, our husbands and sons have not less than 10 cases in different courts and not less than 10 cases in different police stations all instigated by Igwe Chris Onyekwulje and his puppet government.

“Igwe through his puppet government arrest our husbands and sons every other day for no crime but just to intimidate them for igwe’s surrogates’ power and surrender Ezi umunya land to Igwe.

“Presently the Igwe is fencing off about 200 plots of land in Ezi-umunya for which he did not pay even a kobo to the people and feels that any government not loyal to him will not protect his interest in the land he has so far grabbed and intending to grab in the community.

“We therefore pray that you use your good offices to call Igwe Chris Onyekwuluje to order and direct him to leave Ezi umunya people alone.

“That you direct him to remove his puppet government led by Shedrac Obinna Okonkwo and allow the Ezi Umunya legitimately elected government to do their job.”

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