Herdsmen Withdrawal From South west Will Cause Food Shortage And Unemployment

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The Fulanis sells cow while Yorubas are the butchers and sellers of beef. There are hundreds of thousands of butchers and beefs sellers spread across major and local markets in Lagos and other parts of the region.

The major source of protein in Nigeria, especially in the South West are beef and milk which Fulanis are the major suppliers.

People castigates Fulanis by calling them different names but send their wives to market to buy beef, they go to buka and order assaulted meat but dont care where these are coming from.

If the Fulanis take their leave, the price of food will rice to more than hundred percent. There will be severe malnutrition and loss of job among butchers and beef sellers.

We must realize the economic importance of the Fulanis and other tribes in Nigeria. Larger percent of the food will consume in Nigeria especially in the South West comes from the North. Beans, rice, spices and other grains are supplied by the Northerners; the Hausas to be precise while the Fulanis supply the beef; our major source of protein.

We must learn how to separate criminals from genuine business men. We must not let politicians create fear and false alarm which does not go beyond their imagination and perception.

Isn’t it funny that some people refer to cattle as a mere animal? Yet we consume millions of tonnes of milk and beef daily.

No country in the World take cattle business for granted because of its nutritional and economic value. If RUGA settlement is rejected, our governors should take up the challenge by establishing the likes in the states to stop importation of milk , create employment and tackle food shortages.

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It’s a shame that we are importing palm oil into the country, if Fulani Herdmen issue is not well addressed, we will start importing beef also.

Importation of palm oil shows how lazy we are in agriculture in the South. The Northerners are the one showing keen interest in farming and we must not toil with their potentials and stop generalising.

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