He Told Us That If It Was A Setup, The Battle Should Continue - Gana's Associate Speaks 1

He Told Us That If It Was A Setup, The Battle Should Continue – Gana’s Associate Speaks

A notable member of the gang led by Terwase Akwaza, alias Gana, has made some shocking revelations about his late leader.

According to an interview with The Nation, the militant who gave his nicknames as ‘Major’ and ‘Aondehemba’, insisted that the war is not over yet.

He disclosed that Gana, slain by the military last week, knew he may not return alive, thus handed over powers to his second in command.

Major revealed that Gana had trained no fewer than 200 fighters across Benue North East and some parts of Taraba State.

He said that the gang advised Gana not to submit, warning him that the amnesty was a plan to get rid of him.

“He told us that he was coming out to honour the Bishop of Gboko, William Aveyam and Senator Gabriel Suswam. He said these two have been mounting pressure on him in the last three months to embrace peace. He assembled us in the morning in the bush and directed us on what to do if he did not return alive.

“He told us that if it was a setup, the battle should continue, but if it was with genuine intentions, he will want us to lay down our arms. I was among the five that disappeared in the convoy when the Army stopped us in Gboko. Our vehicle was following the official car of the Local Government Chairman that was conveying Gana to Makurdi.

Major revealed that their late boss had supernatural powers derived from his 12 years old daughter that he burred alive 11 years ago in his village in Gbitse.

“That is why he was very powerful, and those powers are still intact because he gave them to someone very close to him. The military can’t contend Gana’s forces. Gana was in his village in Gbitse when he was declared wanted. The military kept coming. Most times, they will meet him but won’t know. Why didn’t they get him then?”, Major added.

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