Halt Tinubu's inauguration to avert looming crisis - DAP candidate tells Buhari

Halt Tinubu’s inauguration to avert looming crisis – DAP candidate tells Buhari

Candidate of Democratic Alternative Party (DAP) in the just concluded 2023 presidential election and an investor in agricultural supplements, Mr Victor Okechukwu Vishnay has called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to inaugurate Bola Tinubu come May 29 for the interest of peace and stability of the country.

He declared that February 25, 2023 presidential election was poorly conducted and deserved to be cancelled because of the shortcomings.

Mr Vishnay who said he had travelled far and wide declared that good governance had been his primary objective to join politics with the intention to rule Nigeria.

He noted that Presdent Buhari himself engaged in electoral misconduct during the election with the infraction of the electoral laws when he influenced voters by showing them how he noted.

Mr Vishnay criticized Nigeria’s direct investment policy when there were, according to him,  Nigerians in diaspora who had distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavours that could meaningfully make positive contributions to the nation’s economy.

He said, “If I had become the President of Nigeria, we don’t need a foreign policy tailored towards direct investment. We don’t need it, we have grown beyond that. What we need is to harness the diaspora and allow them the enabling environment to invest in their home country.

“To remedy Nigeria, you have to take care of electricity supply, security, road infrastructure and other basic amenities, you will see Nigerians in diaspora coming home to invest heavily.

” They are not just going to bring in their hard-earned resources, their talents and experience but they are also going to bring in their foreign partners because there are entrepreneurs who are looking for fertile places for investment.”

The DAP candidate explained that he had refused to join politics over the years but only recently changed his mind to help change bad governance.

He further revealed that he was the first son of the late First Republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amechi but later changed his surname to Vishnay said his late father tried to launch him into politics.

Part of the steps, he said, was his father being instrumental to his appointment as the protocol officer to the former Governor of Old Anambra State, Chief Christian Onoh.

He said it had never been his resolve to go into politics but that there had been pressure for him to embrace politics with the request for him to contest for one public office or the other.

The DAP candidate said he finally yielded to join the political party, saying though it had nothing to do with his late father.

“My political diagnosis of Nigeria has always given me the result that the country is engrossed in corruption. There’s corruption in the Church, corruption in the Mosque, corruption in schools, markets, other places of business, offices, just everywhere.

“The irony of the whole thing is that many corrupt people including politicians escape from punishment when it’s obvious that punishment serves as a deterrent to corrupt practices, as simple as that.

“With the proper measures in place, Nigeria can still be great, the country can still be the greatest country in Africa to justify its name as the giant of Africa, ” he asserted.

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