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Govt agencies urged to step up National Cohesion ahead of Kenya Election

By: Dishon Amanya

Members of Bungoma interfaith network have started lobbying for peace in the country as just two weeks to the election year.

The leaders of several denominations have teemed peace as a crucial entity in development of Kenya and national integration.

Speaking at the county Commissioner’s office, they cited hate speech and political incitement as the main cause of anarchy and mayhem at electioneering period.

The council chair in Bungoma county Calistus Barasa used the opportunity to call upon all concerned agencies to take peace with the weight it deserves especially concerning flow of social media content.

Bishop Barasa has tasked Communications Authority Of Kenya to narrow down to social media content so that it does not propagate hate speech.

Govt agencies urged to step up National Cohesion ahead of Kenya Election 1

“We are requesting Ezra Chiloba to ensure that those who will misuse social media platforms are denied the opportunity by closing them down and subjecting them to the law,” he said.

His sentiments were reiterated by Fatuma Yusuf who cautioned that politics should not get space in places of worship and funerals.

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“This is the only way we shall restore discipline in gatherings,” she said.

In addition she has called upon youths to refrain from being used by politicians to cause chaos, citing that they will be the main casualties.

“No politician uses his or her children to fight for posts, this means they know the dangers,” she added.

Bungoma County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti who was also present used the chance to ask all residents of Bungoma and Kenyans at large to involve themselves in peace making.

Kimiti said political stability is good for sustainable development of any society.

He has vowed to lead security teams in dealing with incitement and violence in Bungoma county adding that politicians who will attempt to incite residents will be handled as criminals and not as leaders.

“We are going to beef up security in funerals, churches and meetings so that Kenyans are safe,” he said.

Kimiti has also reminded all Kenyans to embrace unity and patriotism so that they do not give any room to blood shed like 2007 and 2008 post election violence.

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The interfaith community  champions for unity and cohesion, compassion and charity, stewardship, integrity and transparency as core values.

It should be remembered that members have vowed to take peace and national cohesion as their core objective before, during and after 2022 elections.

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