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Home Press Release George Moghalu: Man of distinction and his politics

George Moghalu: Man of distinction and his politics

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By: Prince Kenneth Anazodo, Nnewi

Chief Dr George Moghalu, popularly called “Ohamadike”, which literally means, ‘the people know the valiant’; the mighty men of valour.

He is the incumbent Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), and belongs to the distinguished class of the few pioneer members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the country. 

An honourable man of humble character, integrity and disposition who has serially left indelible positive imprint wherever he steps into. A man of gentle mien. He is one man that has held appointment in states other than his home state.

This is the man who lost the party’s Governorship primary election in 2017 to Dr Tony Nwoye, a relatively new member when compared to himself. Yet he still toured and campaigned round almost each of the 21 councils of the state for Nwoye. That is the spirit of political conviviality that is found in George Moghalu. Certainly he has a heart like no other!

Most of his avid supporters, including myself followed him to all the local government areas while campaigning for Dr Nwoye then.

It’s also worthy of mention that since the inception of the APC he has continued to give assistance to Anambra citizens, particularly our party members. He has fought to avail some of us board appointments, employment and school admissions. He gave all State Assembly candidates assistance both before and after the election irrespective of our constituencies.

It was therefore not too surprising that since after the shame of June 26,2021, a date that has been added to the relics of our national politriks anomie as a day that one of our sons joined the enemies to lower the hedge of our collective domicile for shame to come in.

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Today, when the import of his fixated narrow mind has started festering and people of decent conscience speak up, he now hysterically started running around sourcing paid hackers and pen assassins to join him tarnishing the hard earned names and character of his real and imagined enemies. He must have forgotten the old saying that he who gathers maggots infested firewood has subconsciously invited the lizards to a party in his home. 

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For him, just like litany of other things his leprous hands had poisoned in the past, his presence in APC has brought with it tears, blood and sorrows. And unfortunately it’s not ending soon. Too bad. Just too bad!

However, to carry out a successful heist is one major thing; to make good your escape is another. Yet a more challenging aspect is to keep the loot is a daunting task. Like every decent citizen would do, some have gone to court without any form of name-calling or finger pointing. Let the thief meet others in court, not hiring of cheap idle hands for a smear campaign jamboree.

The Uga man’s camp will forever remain morbidly jittery. It’s so bad that even as ugly as things are presently, that even all other aspirants collectively and individually accepted that instead of him, let Ohamadike go. They were unequivocally united in throwing their weight behind Ohamadike. That is a very unusual and unassailable strong case about Moghalu’s popularity. No stolen mandate in history has ever produced positive result!

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Why not, George Moghalu (Ohamadike) is a good and gentle man with a disarming humility. His loyalty is commendably incomparable. He is a devoted party man who has shown legendary love to all APC members from bottom to the top. He had been providing palliatives to all citizens both during festive occasions and during the debilitating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Again, Ohamadike has remained a full fledged consistent party man since he joined politics. Even the World’s Guinness Book of Records has noted it. He has never ever contemplated jumping parties, unlike most of today’s colorless, food-is-ready politicians who junket from party to party. People without any ideology or focus. To such people, anything goes as long as their stomach is filled. Such men of doubtful character can conveniently afford to dine with the people in the day and dine with the devil in the night! What we have in the South East today as APC was built by him and handful of others. It will be a shame to allow political passer-byes to come and wreck our APC ship that is already on course, before they dash out to a new destination. We have aim and commitment, but these political charlatans have no purpose or record even if they remain in Aso Rock for fifty years. What did Anambra or South East benefit insight years? Nothing! What do we expect to benefit if he now foists himself on the fringes at the state? Nothing!

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And any person maligning him, is not only enemy to Ohamadike but to the APC in general.

Yes, the ‘party’ is supreme and in so saying it is believed, and rightly so, that the tenet and fundamental principles of democracy must be upheld. The right to vote or to be voted for is still the hallmark of democracy. Whereas in this particular instance, Moghalu and others who put themselves forward to be voted for in our Party primary election were completely disenfranchised. They were all denied the right to vote; an occurrence that has never happened in the annals of our nascent democracy. 

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This should be condemned in its entirety. It’s for this reason that Moghalu is in Court to seek redress, to determine the true meaning of democracy.

Going by the content of what the nuisance hired to try smear the name of Ohamadike wrote which linked my name, Hon Prince  Kenneth Anazodo, saying that I was given the Nnewi North State Constituency ticket by Ohamadike was a complete fabricated falsehood. It was a cheap gossip simply fabricated at a street-corner palm-wine joint.

It’s on well documented party records that i personally purchased my forms with my money, and was a sole candidate in Nnewi North State Constituency, when the other interested person, Mr Osigwe who also showed interest earlier pulled out.

From that point, Ohamadike, just like other candidates from other constituencies, showed me love by supporting my campaign with huge sum of money. He assisted me with vehicles too.

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I am a professional of no mean repute; an Estate Surveyor/Valuer of many years practice. I have two very functional offices at Nnewi and Enugu till date. It’s is quite sad that on June 26, 2021, a terrible history was created in APC Anambra state when none of the party members and the Governorship aspirants were not even given opportunity to cast their votes for themselves. It’s well acknowledged that many citizens are currently unemployed. But I sincerely urge that no one should take up running distinguished people like Dr George Moghalu or myself down, hacking or character assassination as a job. It can run one’s stomach pls. In my little contribution, I can employ him in one of my offices for him to begin to earn a decent living.

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