Fuel Price Slash: IPMAN Demands Compensation to Cover Loss

Fuel hike: Onitsha motorists, residents groan, accuse NLC, TUC of deception

Motorists and residents of Onitsha, Anambra state decried increase in petrol pump price, saying the abnormal increase would be resisted.

The Premium Motor Spirit, PMS, otherwise known as fuel currently being sold between N168 to N170 per liter in the commercial city has affected prices of food stuffs, transportation and other essential commodities in the market.

Places that would have taken N100 to get to is now N150 to N200, while foodstuffs had soared.

Those who spoke to DAILY VENDOR rained curses on the Organized Labour, particularly the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, and Trade Union Congress, TUC for their deceit and scuttling the nationwide protest against the pump price and electricity tariff hike while pretending to be having dialogue with the Federal government.

Former President General of Onitsha Markets Amalgamated Traders Association, OMATA, Chief Ozoh Anaekwe chided the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, for steady increase of the pump price of fuel with no justifiable reasons.

He described the labour movements in Nigeria under the leadership of Mr. Aliyu Waba as the worst enemies of the populace, who could readily fall for any inducement to call off planned protests against fuel increments in the country.

He said, “I told Nigerians that Buhari is not the messiah they need when they said his administration will be better than his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan and they did lot listen.”

“Under former President Jonathan pump price of fuel did not reach N100, but today under Buhari Nigerians are buying fuel between N168 to N170 naira per liter and am sure by December it will get to N200 to N230 naira per liter.

“As far as this present APC government of Buhari is concerned, if people are expecting good governance, they are wasting their time, and they will continue to be disappointed.

“It is better to hand Nigeria over to the colonial masters than to allow APC government of President Mohammadu Buhari to continue, but it also depends on the Nigerian youths because they are the worst hit of all the misrule of this present administration, not people like who have seen the good of the country.

“The ball is in the court of the Nigerian youths, if the administration is doing well the youths should tell us they are doing well and the youths are not happy with it, let them tell us.

“What is happening today in Nigeria made people like us told Nigerians not to vote APC and Buhari as President, but they ignored us, we knew Buhari will fail, it just like what I said about Comrade Adams Oshomohole, that he will destroy APC and it happened.

“The youths are the people that are at the receiving end of this administration, they are the people that suffer lost, not old men like us who have seen it all and are retiring, if the situation in in the country is good for the youths, let them keep quiet, and if it is not good let them cone out and tell the government because the future is in their hands.

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