FLASH: 4 gang members captured as ‘One Million Boys’ attack Bariga, Ikotun in Lagos


By: Peter Greg

As the activities of the notorious One Million Boys continue unchecked in Lagos metropolis and suburbs, the criminals have taken their nefarious activities to other locations in Lagos, carrying out their heartless crimes and robberies with impunity; matching their words with action after sending warning letters to the residents of any area they intend to visit.

According to investigations, their recent clampdown on the state was due to the lockdown announced by the government occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic backed by non provision of palliatives by the government to the people.

However, when the One Million Boys gang visited Bariga area of Lagos, luck ran against them as they were matched force with force, they were beaten mercilessly and given a chase of their lives.

Some of their group members that went for a broad day light operations in another location, Ikotun, were not so lucky as four members of their gang were captured beaten to stupor and tied with ropes.

THE DAILY VENDOR reporter reveal that residents of Lagos have organized themselves into groups and started keeping vigil in wait for any of the notorious groups known as Awawa, One Million and 100 Million Boys.

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