Friday, January 21

Five dead, many missing as flood hits Indian city

The meteorological department has issued red alert in five districts in India following heavy rain fall that has caused serious flooding in cities.

The southern and central districts of Kerala have witnessed overwhelming flooding occasioned by the heavy rain. 

The Daily Vendor Newspaper gathered that at least two people have died tragically in Thodpuja after a car was washed away by flood. 

In all, at least five deaths have been reported so far, while many are said to be missing. 

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) had on Saturday issued a red alert for five districts of Kerala and orange alert for many other districts. 

According to an all-India media report, the bodies of a woman and a man were recovered from inside the vehicle washed away by flood. 

Heavy rains have caused an overflow in most of the rivers which led to the flooding. At the same time, several dams are about to break. In all, the situation is dire. 

Meanwhile, a wall of a house collapsed during the rain fall in Chempakamangalam, Kerala on Friday night. But fortunately, the two children present were spared.

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Heavy rain is forecasted till Sunday. Then from Monday the rain will decrease little by little. 

In addition to the red alerts issued in five districts so far, yellow warnings have been issued in two districts. Orange alert has been issued in seven more districts.

The administration is cautious in such situations as usual. A Defense Department spokesman said MI-17 and Sarang helicopters had already been deployed to deal with the situation. Troops have also been deployed in flood-hit areas.

Five dead, many missing as flood hits Indian city 1

In the meantime, various videos of the outbreak of rain have gone viral on the internet. One of them is a video of Kottayam district in Kerala showing how roads have become like rivers. A bus was also seen drowning in the water, with passengers trying to get out.

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