Fight Crime to Encourage Foreign Investors – Aisha Tells Nigeria Govt.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bi-Communications, Dr Aisha Agberebi, has called on the federal and state governments to do all within its power to fight crime in the country.

She said this while delivering a keynote address at the Annual General Meeting of the Human Rights Defenders and Access to Justice Advocacy Centre in Lagos on Saturday.

Aisha said, “Effects of crimes are injurious to law-abiding citizens; thus, any right-thinking government will do all it can within the ambit of the law to dissuade criminals from perpetrating crime and ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

“Crime is a threat to the economy, political and social security of a nation; it is a major factor associated with underdevelopment. If the security of any nation cannot be guaranteed the nation cannot grow. Crime discourages local and foreign investors.”

She also advised Nigerians on the need to exercise self restraint and obey the laws of the land, saying nobody is above the law.

“The external reaction that you have in restraining yourself is not because you cannot do it, but because the law is there to restrain you from committing that crime.

“Whereas others do not have that restraint, they do not even respect the law, they break the law. However, as the outer force restrains the weakness in us, the proportion to make gain from crime is what sometimes pushes criminals to commit a crime,” Aisha said.

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