Wednesday, December 1

Farmers cry out, say insecurity, lack of rainfall affecting crops

Cross section of local farmers in Northern Nigeria have expressed fear over having bumper harvest in this year’s farming season, pointing out that Climate change, insecurity and other ecological challenges have indeed affected this year’s bumper harvest, which shows clearly that there might be scarcity of other cash crops and other food items in the markets. 

In a separate interviews with The Daily Vendor Newspaper correspondent, the local farmers expressed fear that most of their crops that were not yet mature in the farmland might easily spoil or get damage due to scarcity of rainfall. 

Investigation has shown that many local farmers in the region who can afford, were forced to embrace irrigation system of farming to save their crops against damage. 

One of the farmer, Idris Musa said he was afraid that many local farmers would lose their farm crops this year due to scarcity of water since last three weeks, adding that some of the farmers that can afford it,  were forced to hire generator that can pump  water from rivers into their farms so that their crops can survive. 

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He noted that Climate change has affected this year farming season, and it would continue to causes a devastating effect on agriculture in the entire region, unless Government and other stakeholders intervene. 

Another farmer from kano, Danladi Yahaya said climate change is gradually affecting the local farmers due to lack of awareness on weather condition. 

Another farmer one Shuaibu Mohammed from Zamfara state said that scarcity of rainfall heat most of their farmland, adding that this year bumper harvest is going to be different from the previous year, as a result of shortage of water. 

He said they are really afraid that many food price might be doubled in the market due to how scarcity of water affected this year farming.

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