Facemasks violation: Taskforce arrests Police officer's wife in Anambra market 1

Facemasks violation: Taskforce arrests Police officer’s wife in Anambra market

Authorities of Onitsha main market and Marine modern market in Anambra state have warned traders and customers to always wear their facemasks or risk arrest and penalty.

Chairman of Onitsha main market, Hon. Kenneth Onyeka gave the warning on Monday while addressing newsmen on their level of preparedness to ensure strict compliance with the COVID-19 preventive measures, saying special task forces had been constituted to that effect.

He said a wife of a Police officer who visited the market without a facemask was arrested by the taskforce, saying efforts to get assistance from the husband were unfruitful as he insisted we did the right thing.

He said, “A wife of a police officer was arrested here inside the market for not wearing a face mask and when we contacted her husband on phone, he told us to detain her until she gets a face mask and we forced her to buy a face mask before we allowed her to go.

“COVID-19 is real and those who are saying it is a scam are not educated. I inaugurated up to 251 task forces before the market was re-opened. Anyone without face mask will never enter the market premises”.

He stressed that the leadership would not want anybody to contact the disease nor want the closure of the markets for a second time as a result of COVID-19 rules violation.

While commending the government for reticulating the water bore-hole in the market, Onyeka however canvassed for a standard functional fire fighting equipment.

On his part, Chairman of Marine modern market, Uzomili Onyeabo praised the traders for their compliance to the directives.

“Here at Marine Modern market, our traders are law-abiding. Before this market was re-opened by the government, we assured them that we will comply with all the directives so that our market is not closed again and nobody will contact the dreaded coronavirus.

“Although there are some stubborn individuals, our taskforce headed by my vice chairman, Elochukwu Ezeanya is doing everything humanly possible to ensure we don’t attract the wrath of government or for anybody to be infected by the virus,” he said.

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