Friday, January 21

Expert urges media to champion campaign against GBV

By: Ruth Selya,  Bauchi 

A Gender Based Violence (GBV), expert, Mrs Helen John has called on the media to Champion the campaign against Gender based violence in the country. 

Mrs John said this in a one day media round table in commemoration of the 2021, 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based violence organised by Plan International in collaboration with Bauchi state chapter of the Nigerian Association of women journalists with the theme “Orange the World, Stop Gender- Based Violence”.

According to her, media is key to contributing positively to GBV prevention through  visible, advertising solutions, informing policy makers and educating the public  about legal rights, how to recognized and address GBV in all channels for providing information to survivors and the general public for prevention.

She urged journalists to identify grabs in GBV response and bringing it to the attention of policy makers to be addressed. 

Expert urges media to champion campaign against GBV 1

According to her, “Bauchi  state also had its own share of the problem, according  to (NDHS,2018), 21.7% of women experience physical abuse, 22.7% experience sexual abuse,  57 3% experience emotional abuse from their partner or spouse. 74% of women in Bauchi did not seek help after violence. This is very disturbing because of  the undesirable impact ranging from Physical injury, sexual transmitted  diseases, mental health unwanted pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage etc”.

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Helen John explained that gender based violence can occur everywhere in the streets, at workplace, in the home and community adding that both men and women have been survivors of violence which had great negative impact on the general  wellbeing. 

The possible causes of GBV she said are norms granting men control over women,  poverty low socio economic status, witnessing marital violence as a child, Male control of wealth and decision making in the family, acceptance of violence as a way of resolve and conflicts. 

Others are being abused of a child, notion of masculinity linked to dominance, honor and aggression, rigid gender roles and the impact on gender- based violence. 


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